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Music plays a key role as mediator between the nations. The Leipziger Synagogalchor is dedicated to the preservation of synagogue music as well as of Yiddish and Hebrew folk songs by performing the compositions in free arrangements.

Our next concerts:
7-9 Oktober 2016, Wroclaw, 13th Festival Pax et bonum per musicam
9 November 2016, 7 p.m.: Leipzig, St. Thomas, Oecumenic Service in remembrance of the victims of the November pogroms in 1938

Out now:  Our new CD!
lidl-fun-goldenem-land-2016Yiddish songs in new arrangements

Internationally renowned arrangers have been inspired by the melodies and created complex, colorful and innovative arrangements, offering an impressive variety, which brings to life the melodic and emotional richness of the Yiddish songs in a contemporary and creative way.
Track list and audio clips

€ 18,00 plus shipping costs

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