“Jewish Miniature” about Werner Sander

New publication!
115 years ago, Oberkantor Werner Sander, the founder of the Leipziger Synagogalchor, was born, 45 years ago he died.
The musicologist Tina Frühauf Ph. D. (New York) has explored the history of his life and work:
In October 2017 the volume 213 of the “Jewish Miniatures”, dedicated to Werner Sander, will be published by Hentrich & Hentrich, edited by the Louis Lewandowski Festival, in German and English language.
The publication will also shed light on the first ten years of choir history (1962-1972).

Tina Frühauf: Werner Sander
“to finally fortify peace”. A Vital Exponent of Jewish Music in the GDR
80 pages, softcover, 20 illustrations
ISBN: 978-3-95565-238-8, 8.90 €